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What the group is all about ~

Care Corner - Deviants in Need
:bulletgreen: DoubleA223 Needs some support. It would be well appreciated if you could give her that support, let her know she is worth everything.
:bulletgreen: Cammi0 Is going through some hard times. Please give her some support and encouragement.
:bulletgreen: SalamenceCake is having a hard time on dA, experiencing some troubles regarding negativity towards his characters. Please give him the support he deserves.
Shout Out Journal!
More info here:…

:bulletblue: ..? need any advise ?.. :bulletblue:
- the founder Mwitu-Askari
- the co-founders Violetkay214 CocoaAkeelahKitten
* note us *


The group's 2 main rules:
:bulletgreen: Respect your fellow members, and their views and opinions.
:bulletgreen: No bullying of any member of DA. If a member is found to be a bully themselves, they will be kicked from the group.

Depending on the incident, any member may get kicked for violating the above rules.

I'm going to go out on a limb, and say that mostly any type of art can be contributed, just that it follows the groups rules, it's just common sense people! If you feel like submitting something which reminds you of bullying, which helped you get through bullying, or heck, even if it doesnt really relate to bullying, at least submit it and we'll go from there. We need submissions!!!

The group also needs a tag line! All suggestions are open, and after our current contest, we will run a contest for a new tag line!












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Group Info

We are here to stop bullies from hurting anymore people and help them. We also help victims. If you don't have anyone to go to then come to us!

You're NEVER alone! :)
Founded 3 Years ago
May 12, 2012


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Kotolove123 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
I was bullied in 4th grade. My awesome friend, Natalie, stood up for me. I'm glad I can see her another year before she leaves the school. :) When she leaves I will miss her. More than anyone in my school. She's a true friend.
Acate Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014

This girl is known for stealing art and for harassing the original artists, sending her huge white knight army after them to tell them to kill themselves and other horrible stuff.
(She has over 4.000 likes on her Facebook page.)

If you defend the original artist you'll get harassed by Kimm and her army of white knights as well.
Me and my friends have received multiple death threats and more.

After that she proceeds to act all innocent and cry about how she's getting bullied and then proceeds to post the names of the ''bullies''.
And the worst part is that people actually believe her, even if you prove to them that Kimm is lying.
As soon as you post proof, Kimm will say that it's all fake and that me and my friends photoshopped it.

Pretending that she's the one getting ''bullied'' on Facebook and on dA :

People who send proof to people about Kimm being a bully, Kimm gets blocked and then acts all innocent again, trying to send her white knight army after them :

She even took nude pictures of herself and said that the nudes actually belonged to somebody else.

She's a sick person, a hypocrite, a liar, and a bully. And she needs to leave dA asap.
TalusTheDemonHog666 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, um i think i have a journal to add to this group from a bully…

The only issue is i can't seem to add it to the group..... Can some one help me please?
(1 Reply)
nursal1060 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Student Writer…
Can you affiliate with my group plz??
(1 Reply)
SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner May 7, 2014


We already reported him (a guy in a grily disguise)

AnnaFox is really a troll, I P violator and a ban avoider who creates many accounts, 
:iconrokefox: Rokefox banned in Oct, 2010 because he trolled one of his own fans (tronkan-tronk)
:iconrokewolf: Rokewolf banned in 2011. 
:iconrokefoxx: Rokefoxx banned in 2011. 
:iconrokefox02: Rokefox02 banned in 2012. 
:iconrokefox-3d-art: RokeFox-3d-art banned in 2013. 
:iconbetofox: BetoFox banned in 2013. 
:iconzuzyfox: ZuzyFox banned in Aug, 2013. 
:iconyeyocamello: YeyoCamello just banned this April, 23, 2014
:iconbetochester: Betochester banned just April 27, 2014

Stills on, their account AnnaFox. As you can see it has exactly same stuff like banned ROKEFOX. (called Rokefox) he has another account called YEYOCAMELLO who got banned just 2 April 2014. Why? Because he was insulting everybody. That proves how unacceptable they are.

They are obstinate and tries to do an account with name ROKEFOX, sooner or later accounts called ROKE get banned. But that's the matter because if somebody report it, VERONICA and ANNA menace people saying "WHO REPORTED MY MULTI ACCOUNT?" 

Sample: Jun 5, 2013, 11:57 PM They are not right to be in DA however VERONICA (one of their troll pals)  posted a journal to shout 2 users "were who reported him". Check out below comments from AnnaFox: Calling them “IDIOT, IMBECILE, ASSHOLE, SHIT USER, I’M GONNA SHUP UP YOU FOREVER, MOTHER FUCKER, YOU MUST DIE, STUPID, GIMME POINTS YOU ASSHOLE” Later he insulted other guys on their profiles. VERONICA is the guy who allow ANNA insults people who are not agree with the return of ROKEFOX.

In Jun 5, 2013: Veronica-Skunkette is the guy who provides hate to AnnaFox too, saying “ Yeah, they are is so bad, I don’t like his pics, he’s a criminal, you got banned but you must be here in DA, let’s rape his I P till hind him, if he reported you let’s make him and his friends a war”. Also saying lies like “I am a detective, follow me, and because AnnaFox is sick veronica abuses too and controls Anna. They menaced or does hate-arts to make be unblocked. He has been using 2 of his multi accounts posting messages of hate to many users. Fisrt AnnaFox began in January, 2013 secondly joined to his crazy war Veronica-Skunkette(KikeRodz)Began his chain since JUN-2013.…

If somebody reports his multiple accounts Anna and Veronica do wars, troll, they force to be unblocked to avoid get banned, also the rape IP from users saying they gonna get in the user's account and destroy them. Like this sample.

Their multimple accoumt Yeyocamello got banned because when Veronica posted a journal to defend Anna the Trollx.. Yeyo insulted everybody. Trolling for 9 years!

Annafox got a fine from DA because she(he) like Veronica was posting Hate Journals 2 weeks ago.

And to prove they are raping IP's and changing machines to avoid get banned.

 (Check comments) There see how YeyoCamello is saying Anna and Roke are ban avoiders, also Veronica and Yeyo conforming they have been raping their IP by comments.…

They are not right to be in DA

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